Title: Adonis in My Bed

Submission Day: March 28 Day 5

Creator: sweetandsnarky89

Rating: M. I’m saying that for Sebastian’s pretty graphic details but no actual smut is in this.

Summary: Kurt didn’t want to go to the art show. But after finding an incredible piece and the surprising artist, it turns out not to be so bad. Somewhat based on Justin’s drawing of Brian on QAF.


Rachel dragged Kurt through the entrance to the Art Center, talking quickly. “You’ll love it Kurt, the guys in my class said it was beautiful and sexy.”

“The guys in your class are trashy,” Kurt hissed and pulled his arm out of Rachel’s grasp. “And this shirt was expensive so could you stop pawing at me.”

Santana laughed, “You two are such a cliche. The uptight gay kid and his crazy hag.”

“I’m not a hag,” Rachel said loudly but both Santana and Kurt rolled their eyes. They followed her into the exhibit room, both of them looking rather like they were being tortured. 

Rachel stopped suddenly at the first piece of art and the other two came to stand beside her. Santana whistled and Kurt sucked in a breath. It was a simple pencil sketch, but nothing about the picture was simple. It was a man, lying back on the bed, with his arm resting behind his head. He was naked; the detail of every muscle, every hair, every freckle was captured in black lead. The shading made the drawing look as if it was night and the man was lying in faint light. Kurt could imagine his love sitting on a chair at the end of the bed, naked as well from a round of love making, with the sudden inspiration to capture his lover’s beauty forever in black and white.

“Holy shit,” Santana whispered. 

“I told you.” Rachel looked smug and smacked Kurt’s arm lightly. “You are drooling.”

Kurt snapped his eyes over to her, “Go away.”

Rachel and Santana both smiled but headed off to look at the other pieces of work in the collection. Kurt wasn’t sure how long he sat there, staring at the drawing, before a voice interrupted. “So you like it Hummel?”

Kurt turned at the sound of the voice, coming face to face with Sebastian Smythe. “What are you doing here?”

“That’s mine,” he said. “You know, the picture you’ve been staring at for the past ten minutes. I’ve been watching you.”

Kurt could feel the blush rising up in his cheeks but his irritation won over his embarrassment. “Should have know you’d be the one with the drawing of a naked man.”

“Well, he was very beautiful. Turn back around and look at it.”

Kurt agreed. After all, he’d made amends with Sebastian a while ago and he’d known that Sebastian had moved to New York from Blaine. He turned back to look at the drawing and felt Sebastian moving behind him. “What…”

“Shh,” Sebastian said. He wasn’t touching Kurt but Kurt could feel his presence behind him. “Now, do you want to know about it? What I was thinking when I drew it?”

Kurt almost wanted to say no, because nothing about this was going to turn out good. But the drawing did intrigue him and so did the man standing behind him. He nodded.

“His name was Austin. I met him my first night out in New York at a gay club that put Scandals to shame. He was gorgeous. Brown hair, tan skin, muscles in all the right places, and these bright blue eyes. And the way he moved, god it was sexy. It only took a few dances before I had to get us out of there. We went back to my apartment and fuck…he was one amazing lover. Had this talented tongue that was perfect for rimming and when he fucked me, shoved that amazingly thick cock inside me…I almost blacked out. He fucked for hours.”

Kurt wanted to stop it, the words streaming out of Sebastian’s mouth. He was getting turned on, half hard in jeans that left nothing to the imagination and fidgeting slightly. But he didn’t stop him.

“I must have passed out because I woke up a few hours later to find him laying like this, asleep with my head on his chest. He looked like a god and I got up instantly. Found a chair and a pad and just started drawing. When he finally woke, he saw me sitting there in that chair naked and told me to finish up quickly. When I finished, I crawled back in bed and fucked him until the sun came up.”

“Are…” Kurt cleared his throat as his first word came out shaky. “Are you still seeing him?”

“No,” Sebastian whispered. He’d stepped closer until Kurt could feel his body pressed just lightly against his back. “He was gorgeous and fun, but he wasn’t looking for anything and neither was I at the time. But he let me draw him and he agreed that I could put it in the show. Especially when he saw the name of the piece.”

Kurt smiled, “Adonis in My Bed. You aren’t exactly subtle.”

“Coming from the guy who’s been standing here staring at it for ten minutes?” Sebastian laughed softly, his breath ghosting over Kurt’s ear. “Or from the guy who is wearing the tightest jeans I’ve ever seen and with a pretty impressive hard on in the middle of an art show.” Sebastian’s hand rested on Kurt’s hip. “You know, New York has been very good to you.”

“Are you saying that because I dress more like a boy now?” Kurt couldn’t help the slight bitter tone in his words.

Sebastian ran his fingers along the waistband of Kurt’s jeans. “I’m saying you look breathtaking. And I want to take you home.”

“I don’t do one night stands,” Kurt said. 

“Yeah, I knew that.” Sebastian turned him around using the hand on his waist until they were face to face. He licked his lips and looked down at Kurt. “We could just talk. I’ve got food and maybe a movie.”

“Are you asking me out?” Kurt could barely believe it and judging by the looks on Rachel and Santana’s face as they came up behind them, they didn’t either.

Sebastian leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to Kurt’s cheek. “Kurt Hummel, would you do me the honor of going out with me?”

Rachel almost gasped and Santana looked smug, but Kurt knew his answer. He’d known that he was attracted to Sebastian the minute he’d spoken the first word. And it seemed that Sebastian had grown up some, he looked more like a man than a boy with a chip on his shoulder. “I’d like that, but I have a piece of art to buy first. Wait here.” He winked and turned, heading over to the table for purchases and leaving Sebastian with his two roommates. If he survived it, Kurt Hummel had every intention of seeing where this would go. 

And if he ended up in one of Sebastian’s art shows one day, well…he wouldn’t mind that at all. 

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